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Laser Engraving

We use a fiber laser which can engrave metal (etch or deep engrave), plastics, polymer, and other materials. We can also do wood with our Diode laser. If you need anything done please feel free to contact us and we can go over details and pricing for your project.

Below is a list of basic pricing to give you an idea of what it would cost to get your item engraved. If you don’t see the item you are wanting done listed feel free to send us a message.

Basic Laser Engraving Pricing

  • Laser Engraving Set Up and Artwork Fee – $20.00 and Up
    • This fee will be applied to any Laser Engraving that will need images converted over to be lasered. Logo’s, images, fonts, text, custom patterns and layouts. This fee will be applied at $80.00 per hour with a minimum of $20.00.
  • NFA Engraving – $45.00
    • NFA Engraving is done per ATF requirements. Letters are engraved at a minimum of 1/16” (.0625”) tall and a minimum of .003” deep.
  • Custom Laser Engraving (Letters, Quotes and Names)
    • $50 Minimum
  • Magpul Magazine Engraving – $20.00 and Up
  • Glock Handgun Laser Stippling – $125.00 and Up


Advanced Laser Engraving Pricing (Custom Artwork, i.e. scrolls, animals, logos, etc)

1 Side $75
2 Sides $135
2 Side & Top $200
Barrel 1 Side (Ejection Port) $25
Barrel Top & Side (Ejection Port) $40
Barrel – Horizontally Running w/ Barrel $65
Back Plate $20
Magazine Base Plate $20
Magazine $15
AR/AK Platform  
Full Side Receiver (One Side) $150
Full Side Receiver (Both Sides) $250
Hand Guard (Along Sides) $150
Hand Guard (Logo Only) $40
Buffer Tube – Either Horizontally along buffer or wrapped) $40
Dust Cover $25
Charging Handle $25
Long Guns (Non Sporting)  
Receiver (One Side) $100
Receiver (Both Sides) $150
Barrel (One Side) $50
Barrel (Two Sides) $75
Bolt $25
Logo (One Side) $25
Text (One Side) $25
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